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Life of Teaching

The life of a teacher part in my teaching experience was not easy it required a lot of patience and classroom management from myself. The first day of life of a teacher was very challenging for me as it was my first time In control of a class on my own without the guidance of a teacher it required me to think on my feet at all times and constantly have solutions to the different challenges that the learners presented and the teaching and learning process, after the first day the last two days were not so challenging as a I reminded myself to stay clam at all times and to cope I constantly reminded myself that I am in control and learners follow my lead and my instruction and they do not know when I did something wrong because I am in control this helped me not stress the whole time and not put too much pressure on myself and this is I managed to complete my life of a teacher days.

In Block one it was very challenging because as this was my first day and I kept stressing if I was doing things the correct way or not and I was constantly worried about what should I do next and if I am doing things in the correct order, however as the day proceeded I got more comfortable and I stressed a lot less, in the second block I was more confident and I told myself I will be control of the day so that the learners do not see that I am stressing as learners use this as an opportunity to misbehave and then they all have opinions on what should happen next or how a certain thing should be done. The first day in the second block went well even though it had a lot of admin work I managed to do that while maintaining good classroom control and the last day also went well and I also got the opportunity to play a few classroom games with the learners and the teacher could see I had gained more classroom control and I was less nervous.

The most challenging activities in this experience for me was keeping control of the class when moving from one class to another and also during class time, I found this part very challenging as the learners would get too excited and fight to be in front of the line and argue about who is pushing in and other issues and some would also take slowly to get ready and also while commuting to the next class maintaining good behavior on the corridors was challenging as I couldn’t see some parts of the line some learners would run which is dangerous and some would talk and disturb the other classes, to overcome this challenge I told the learners the expected behavior when they are leading off to their next classroom I also had the learners practice this before coming into class and offered them a reward should they show good behavior.

Based on the comments of the teacher I would work more on my involvement in the culture, sports and other curriculums of the school and not just focus on the teaching part of my job but be an active member of the school

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