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Online Micro-teaching Reflection

1.I liked teaching online as it was easy to make use of more online tools and there is more discipline and better classroom control in the online classroom rather than face to face teaching, I disliked how there is sometimes a lot of connection problems and sometimes you are not always sure if the learner is focusing and maybe you are just talking to yourself.

2. I learnt how to use blackboard collaborate and I also learnt how to plan lessons that will work to face and virtually

3. I would change the power-point part of my lesson and plan an activity that requires that involvement of the learners rather than them listening to me tell them information as this may bore the learners and does not encourage learner engagement

4. Yes, I choose Microsoft word and power-point to plan my lesson and to bring information to the learners these are appropriate as they are child friendly and the pictures there are easy to view and even the writing, the learners will have no problem understanding the content as their will be visual-aids to help as well

5. it has developed me to be able to conduct online lessons and be able to incorporate technology into my lessons rather than relying on the usual method of teaching which is very important especially in this ever-changing era we live in and with the advance technology that we have now

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